A Leader has to be Reborn

The leadership cannot be taken for granted. You have to reborn as leader, if you wish to take the leadership roles in the organisation…. Read Below

The key for understanding leadership is to understand persons who are widely accepted as leaders. Leadership flows from leader and not vice-versa. A leader never follows any leadership theory or style (Otherwise he is not a leader). The theories and styles are created by scholars after a person has proven himself a leader.

Leadership is like an art which is always unique. An art is not known to the world and even to the artist till it is created. If you ask a novelist the story of his next book, his answer has to be negative. He cannot know what is going to strike in his mind in future. No musician can have even a hint of his next composition. All artistic creations are like the children which are created by the union of male and female members of the specie. It is impossible to predict the attributes of the child and no father or mother have any say in creation of the child. They only come through their parents yet they are independent. This had been beautifully expressed in a poem by Khalil Gibran which reads

Your children are not your children.

They are the sons and daughters of Lifes longing for itself.

They come through you but not from you,

And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.

It is not that children are independent of their parents. They take all their physical and metal attributes from their parents. Their features, intelligence, colour of the skin, height, weight, blood group resembles their parents. Yet they are independent and they may vary widely from their parents considerably as a human being. Most genius and great leaders were born of ordinary parents and not from great parents.

Just like every man or woman had the potential to create another person, every man has a hidden leadership. Only when the man faces a situation which is exceptional, a leader is born. Thus the leader the man can be considered as the father of the leader and the situation or environment can be consider as the mother of the leader. Only when the right person mates the right situation, a great leader is born.

Leaders cannot be created but every ordinary person has the potential to become a leader. A leader is not born, he is born-again.  First, he is born as an ordinary person and then he take birth as leader.

The leadership cannot be taken for granted. You have to reborn as leader, if you wish to take the leadership roles in the organisation. A leader is a man of the masses and he sacrifices his personal interest for the sake of the followers. If the leader continues to behave like ordinary mortals, his leadership cannot be accepted for long.

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