THE KAABA – Rare information about Kaaba

The KAABA, The Center of The World
The Holly Stone(Hijr-e-Aaswadd)
Without The Cover (Gulaaf Shareef)
The Interior of The KAABA
The Mathematical measurement of The KAABA
The Process of Making The Cover (Gulaaf Shareef)

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15 comments on “THE KAABA – Rare information about Kaaba
  1. Famie Shafie says:

    MasyaAllah, Allahu Akhbar.

    I am 28 years old. having to see this Alhamdullillah.

  2. Syed Mukhtar Ahmed says:

    what an amazing information may allah reward the person who gathered this information. These informations are very very usefull every muslim should now this.

    I personally felt pretty happy to know about this sacred house of almighty Allah

  3. Faisal Mokammel says:

    The one, Who is the creator of all of us. give me an opportunity to see this picture……Alhamdullilah……. Islam is the only one way for whole mankind…..Please, Allah give me strength to pray for you on Kaaba direction until my death…..

  4. noorisa27 says:

    Alhamdulillah – Visited Kaabah in April 2008 during Umrah. Performing Hajj in November/December 2008 and return again during last Ramadhan for Umrah. Allah is the Most Cherisher.

  5. noorisa27 says:

    Dear Mr. Ulrich… reply to your question is very simple….the Muslim will not forget to build all facilities to the pilgrimage including toilets. For your info, toilet is not build within the area of Kaabah, but it was build at every corner of the Mosque which surrounded the Kaabah. Not only that. Thre are numbers of toilet build at every corner of the square outside the mosque.

    May I suggest that you convert your faith to the true beleive , ISLAM and take the opportunity to pay a visit to this first build house on earth. The door of the mosque will never be closed until the final day of the world.

    I wish you the very best.

  6. Rehana Gul Awan says:

    Mashallah….here are very valuable information. Alhamdulliah I have also got a chance by Allah to see Kaaba and perform Umrah… Its unforgetable….No other building can compare with Allah’s small home. Wonderful…Graceful….Who go there and see…he cant express his feelings….One can forget all world to see it…. May Allah invite every muslim to see and perform umrah….I am thankful to get valueable information from here… I also like to add to every visitor of this site to watch the link

  7. Muhammad Shahzad Noor Farooqi says:

    Mashallah, SubhanAllah

  8. Azmat says:

    Subhanalla… Ive just come back from my first ever Umrah and May Allah swt bless and accept my efforts. Mashallah beautiful pictures and information regarding the Holiest city for the Ummat- does anyone know what the gold “thing” is that juts out from the Kaaba sharif? Theres a special dua thats recited at that point? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Jazakallah khairun and May Allah swt bless us all Ameen

  9. Yousef says:

    Mashalla ya rab ya Qudoos! It is an amazing thing to even see pictures of the Holy Kaabah…

  10. SHAH NAWAZ says:

    We Pakistanis are especially really lucky that door of Kaaba and Hajre Aswad is in direction towards Pakistan

  11. Hey there, You’ve done an incredible job. I will certainly digg it and for my part recommend to my friends. I am confident they will be benefited from this website.

  12. Faqir Muhammad Zehri Thul Sindh. says:

    Alhamdollillah being a Muslim, its my dream to see the House of Allah the Almighty, and I cordially invite all those non Muslim brothers and sisters to come here and find how Allah welcomes His guests you just make a wish you will get the thing within minutes, One my friends felt a headache and needed a cup of tea, while sitting in the midst of thousand men and women, all of sudden a man rushed toward him having two cups of disposable plastic glasses brimful of tea for him and handed him accordingly………Subhan Allah.

  13. saniya says:


  14. saniya says:


    You are doing a good work…

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